Brenda's Edit - August 2021

Owner and Co-Founder of HEARTLY gives a monthly edit of must-have Canadian-made items. 

1. Whiskey Oak Tumblers Slow-Made by Stinson Studios

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It’s magical! Slow made from full logs to tumblers, the oak blocks cut from the logs need a 6 week drying process before they are turned and sanded into Tumblers. I love these beautiful tumblers because they enhances the whiskey drinking experience with a hint of smoke and oak.

2. Believe You Can Necklace Slow-Made by Pyrrha

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I love the feeling and meaning that is carried when I wear a Pyrrha talisman. Each will carry an individual meaning to each person. Choose a piece that speaks to you.

This month, I chose Believe You Can. This talisman reads in Latin ‘Possunt Quia Posse Videntur’, translates to, “They Can Because They Think They Can” The eagle flying symbolizes the power of goals to inspire you to great heights.

3. Medium Tote Slow-Made by Azure Lazuli

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Can you imagine carrying a beautiful leather bag where each stitch is made by hand? A truly slow-made bag with buttery soft leather that is so comfortable to carry.

4. Pour-Over Slow-Made by Hawkeye Pottery

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I never knew how delicious and fresh my coffee could be until I tried it in a Pour-Over made by Hawkeye Pottery. Try it with freshly ground espresso beans.

5. Toronto Tea Towels Slow-Made by LuPrints

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From the mountains in British Columbia we discovered a talented artist who screen-prints textiles. Ulla at LuPrints made her Toronto Tea Towel design in Fuchsia pink for the first time for HEARTLY! It is also lovely printed in Spruce. Both colours look great together or on their own.

6. Leaf Pillow Slow-Made by Smith Made

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Relax with throw pillows in a leaf print screen-printed on oatmeal coloured organic cotton and linen fabric.


We at HEARTLY love supporting talented Canadian makers.

This article featured only a selection of what HEARTLY has available.

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